- I have recently learned a trick for making pappadams without using much oil. Simply place a few drops on one side of the pappadam and place it down on a hot pan. Rotate the pappadam until it starts to bubble. Place a few more drops of oil on the top then flip it over. Rotate until the pappadam is crispy and done.


oil for frying

purchased pappadams


1. Fill a pot (that is large enough to hold a pappadam) with about an inch of oil. 

2. When hot, add a pappadam. When it begins to brown, turn it over and cook for a little longer. Take the pappadam out of the pot and place on a paper towel to remove any excess oil. 

3. Cook remaining pappadams.

Pappadams [Indian Snack recipe]

Pappadams are crispy lentil wafers that are served before a meal in Indian restaurants and with almost every meal. Some are plain while others are made with cracked black pepper.

To make crispy pappadams, just buy fresh ones from your local Indian grocery store. The best ones are from Kerala. Plan on 2 pappadams per person.