... Modern cookbooks are more than just recipes thrown together. They typically include neat tidbits about the origins of the food, the history, etc. Indspired was no different. The introductory sections of the book were very cool. They included things you would find in a typical Indian kitchen, ingredients for your own spice mixes, and other cool bits of information. The recipes themselves all included an introductory paragraph about the dish, which I found to be helpful and educational. But the real test for a cookbook is whether you can replicate the author's recipes in your own kitchen. I chose three recipes to make in order to test the cookbook - Goan Pork Vindaloo, Piri Piri Chicken Curry, and Chickpea Masala. All were DELICIOUS. Goan Pork Vindaloo is one of my favorite dishes so I was very hesitant about making it from home but it turned out beautifully. I'm excited to try the rest of the dishes!

- Lindsay

As far as food and recipes are concerned, this is a really neat cookbook on Indian-inspired fusion cuisine. It mixes in some pretty simple dishes with more advanced ones, making it a great source for foodies of any level of cooking experience. I also really appreciated the general information that Ann Vinod included at the beginning in the chapters "Elements of a Well Stocked Pantry" and "Pairing Recipes with Whisky." ...

- Paul

...The book is very exciting as it gives you a basic understanding of the spices used in Indian cooking. It also gives you a list of ingredients to have on hand to cook Indian food. The recipes are easy and sound yummy. I intend to stock up on some basic spices and ingredients and start to enjoy my love of Indian food.


Available at these online retailers

available at these online retailers

Flavorful Indian fusion fare makes its introduction in my latest cookbook, Indspired, making it accessible to novice cooks and experienced foodies alike.
With a complete array of starters, main dishes, snacks and more, east meets west in a unique collection of recipes. The flavors of both cultures mesh perfectly, creating new and delicious taste combinations.
All of the entrée recipes in Indspired are paired with leading single malt whiskies. In this cookbook I encourage adventurous chefs to learn how to match this classic spirit with my new recipes. Take an imaginative trip around the world including the far reaches of India and return feeling truly Indspired.

Kachi's Kitchen is a collection of 140 of my mother-in-law's favorite South Indian recipes. As you can see, I named my website after the title of this cookbook. It started as an attempt to document her original recipes for my children but grew into a complete south Indian cookbook. This book is appropriate for the casual cook who wants easy to follow recipes as well as the experienced chef who wants to try something new. This South Indian cookery book that includes authentic recipes just like your mother prepared at home is a must have in every kitchen library.


"I just received my copy of Kachi's Kitchen in the mail today! It all looks so good I don't know where to begin!"
- Kim Dolce, Michigan

"I love Kachi's Kitchen by Ann Vinod! Here is, at last, a cookbook that has authentic Kerala and Tamil Nadu comfort-food recipes! Ann Vinod has taken her mother-in law, Kachi Balakrishnan’s authentic, mouth-watering recipes and presented them in an easy-to- follow pattern. I like how she has included pictures of all the major ingredients used in the book as well as their names in English, Malayalam and Tamil. It is also great to see that Kachi has simplified some of the recipes without sacrificing taste by using readily available ingredients like evaporated milk! Family pictures strewn throughout the book adds a pleasing touch! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to duplicate the home cooking from Kerala and Tamil Nadu – a must for youngsters who are missing mom’s cooking!"
- Padmini Prasad, New York

Here at last is a cook book where every page has recipes that are both authentic and original. The book is a treasure—lots of easy to follow recipes interspersed with great pics of the Kerala countryside. The book brought on waves of nostalgia for both the food and the countryside—I could almost feel the breeze blowing through the coconut palms! Keralites are intensely proud of their cuisine and their land and Ann Vinod has captured both in the book. First time cooks or old timers will enjoy the recipes and the feel of being back in a distant land. Ann Vinod, can’t wait for the next one!
- B. Menon, Tennessee

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