1. Boil the grated coconut with the milk over medium heat until it evaporates. The coconut should be as dry as it was before it was put into the pan with the milk. This step will take approximately 45 minutes.

2. Heat the cream in a pan. Add the sugar and a cup of water. Stir and continue heating it over medium heat until most of the water evaporates and a very thick syrup forms. 

3. Add the sugar syrup to the coconut. Add the food coloring, if desired (usually red or green). Keep stirring over medium-low heat until the water evaporates and the coconut looks fairly dry. There should be no liquid in the pan.

4. Stir in the ground cardamom and melted butter.

5. Pour into a greased square cake pan. Cut into squares while it is still warm. Put into the refrigerator until it is cold then serve. Keep refrigerated.


- In Kachi's Kitchen, I describe the traditional method of determining if the syrup is done, called the string test, by dipping a spoon that into the syrup. When it is lifted up, if the syrup falls back into the pan like a string, it is ready. If it just pours from the spoon, it is not ready.


1 coconut, grated 

2 cups milk

2 Tbs heavy cream

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

3 Tbs butter, melted

1 tsp cardamom, ground

12 drops red food coloring

Coconut Burfi [Indian Sweets recipe]

This popular sweet, Coconut Burfi, is enjoyed in North India as well as South India. It is always included as one of the sweets presented to family and friends at Deepavali. it is easy to make and will disappear quickly. It has been taste tested by my father-in-law who likes likes this sweet very much. 
Since my family is from Kerala, the land of coconuts, I selected this recipe to include on my website. I have seen it described as fudge due to its soft texture. It is a vegetarian recipe. There are many varieties of Burfi including, cashew, pistachio, mango, carrot, Bengal gram flour (chickpea flour) and plain. This version of the recipe is different from most in that the coconut is boiled with milk. Most recipes I have read do not include this step. I find it makes the Burfi a bit richer and creamier in the end.