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About Ann Vinod

After a long and fulfilling career in the computer technology and travel industry, I launched a new career in cooking Indian food and playing my flute. It was during my first summer job many years ago in my hometown of Sylvania, Ohio where I worked as a cook that my love of fine cuisine was born. After a while, I started catering small events to expand my repertoire and skills. Since then I have loved discovering new food and restaurants where I get the pleasure of experiencing new flavors.

During my years in graduate school some of my friends introduced to Indian cooking when they shared their favorite Indian recipes and took me to local Indian restaurants. As my career progressed I was able to travel the world. I have dined in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Canada and across the U.S. and have been exposed to many different techniques that have influenced who I am as a cook. 

I love food. I should label myself as a foodie. Every time I go to a cooking store or a grocery, I find myself bringing home every unique utensil or ingredient that I can find. I enjoy experimenting with taste and textures of different ingredients and building a recipe around them. Today I use my family as my test subjects. They taste everything I make and freely offer their feedback, whether I want it or not. I am lucky to have a family with exquisite tastes.

​Upon meeting my husband many years ago, I became fascinated with South Indian cooking and South Indian recipes. My love of his family’s South Indian recipes led to the creation and publication of Kachi’s Kitchen with the intent of preserving these recipes for my children so they would be able to enjoy their tasty heritage in the future.

I enjoy experimenting with food, asking questions about it and tasting the results. My cooking style has transformed into its own unique style with influences of South India, France, Northern Italy and the U.S.. I am now creating recipes for another Indian cookbook that focuses on Indian fusion cuisine. I have received so much encouraging feedback from my readers and other bloggers that I am constantly encouraged to pursuing my passion.

I perform regularly with the Northeast Orchestra and local flute choirs. I volunteer my time promoting the value of music education through leadership roles with The Texas Flute Society (Trustee and Past President). I led the effort to bring the Donna Marie Haire Young Artist Competition for School Age Flutists to Texas as well as was its first Competition Coordinator.

​I have a wonderful husband and two grown children who (seem to) enjoy sampling my new dishes and who always give me the support and feedback I need to create the best recipes I can.