I am a foodie, food blogger and cookbook author. You can read more about me on my about page. If you like cooking traditional Indian food and experimenting with Indian fusion cuisine, this is the website for you.


I started KachisKitchen.com with many of my favorite South Indian recipes. I realized quickly that I wanted to create my own recipes that combined ingredients and techniques from other cuisines around the world. I try to provide a balance between vegetarian recipes and non-veg to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Find my Recipe Index by Category at the top of the page.

South Indian Kitchen

If you are new to Indian cooking, I provide an overview of South Indian cuisine that describes the unique characteristics of Kerala versus Tamil Nadu cooking. I have lists of the most common herbs, produce, lentils and spices along with photos to assist you with finding the right ingredients to use. I also included a list of the cookware that is needed to prepare Indian recipes.


 I post recipes and interesting information relating to South Indian cuisine. I write about new recipes that I have created, ingredients in Indian recipes, a trip to India, a visit to a fantastic restaurant or anything associated with Indian food. I search for new ideas regularly to find out what is happening in the exciting world of Indian fusion cuisine. You will find a link to subscribe to my blog via email or RSS.


My latest cookbook, Indspired, contains  original recipes that are a  fusion of the  best of Indian and western cooking  techniques and spices. It is available from your favorite online book ​retailers.

Kachi’s Kitchen,  Family Favorites from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, my first cookbook, features 140 authentic South Indian recipes. It has received much acclaim and praise with sales across the world.

Easy indian Food Recipes

Traditional South Indian recipes and unique contemporary Indian fusion recipes adapted for the American kitchen.